Fight4Life is a campaign to spreed aweness about IBD and bring people with IBD (Inflammitory Bowel Disease) healthy means like kangen water and thrive by le-vel to manage they're illness.  

Alkaline Water
Not Kangen Water
Alkalized Water
Kangen Water

Alkaline water is a non acidic water where the pH is altered by the addition of chemicals like calcium or magnesium. The chemicals added cause chemical reaction and raises the pH(increases active hydrogen). Drinking to much of this type of water can cause blood stream to become over alkaline. This can cause a lot of health issues . This water is chemically changed.

Alkalized water is a non acidic water where the pH is altered by the disassociation of water. An electric current is sent through the water to split the water molecules which  increases the active hydrogen ions(pH). Cannot become over alkaline with this water. This water is not chemically changed.

Alkalinity Affects on Stomach

Another concern about alkalized water is stomach pH levels. Stomach acid is like it says. It's an acid. This acids job is to break down food for your bowels to make digestion easier. Drinking Alkalized water will raise the pH of stomach acid. The normal pH of stomach acid is 2 to 3. The question is will the water alter stomach pH enough to disrupt digestion. The answer may be within another fact. The pH of Gatorade is 4 and it takes 32 glasses to neutralize one glass of Gatorade. On top of this, the stomach will quickly create more HCL from breaking down Nacl. Digestion starts in the mouth with saliva. So drinking any kind of fluid would rapidly dilute saliva. This would be circumstance where need to learn your own body and stick with what feels good. Some people may need to drink due to not enough saliva production.

Alkalinity In the Bowels

This is where magic happens in an alkaline environment. This is a profound topic, because of the evidence that nearly every health problem involves malfunction in the lower digestion system. Especially inflammatory type diseases. Bad bacteria , Yeasts, and particularly candida, thrive in low oxygen, slightly acid environments. The best thing that can be done to a human body is give it a healthy colon!! Kangen water will do this.