Fight4Life is a campaign to spreed aweness about IBD and bring people with IBD (Inflammitory Bowel Disease) healthy means like kangen water and thrive by le-vel to manage they're illness.  

Kangen water gave me real health

Johan Froese

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This transformation above was made in 2 month after the discovery of Kangen water last year. I also did this medication free. I suffer from Crohn's disease which is a inflammatory bowel disease. In the 10 years i have had it the only time i experienced remission was while drinking Kangen water. I believe this machine can help everyone and i am on a mission to teach people about it and help people acquire the machine. I also recently discovered very easily absorbable vitamins, minerals and probiotics made by le-vel. With these supplements and this revolutionary water, I feel like i have found the answer for my condition. I feel absolutely great. Also, just a personal choice, but i am medication free. I am 38 with Crohn's and have the energy to train as an athlete. I am training to fight in martial arts and mixed martial arts. With proper nutrition and hydration any time is a good time to do anything. 

Crohn's is a distractive disease. Your intestinal walls get damaged and then heal and damaged and heal. This process creates scare tissue which is permanently inactive tissue. In this sense it is impossible to be cured. However, the next best thing is to stop the disease dead in its tracks.I have found a healthy way to stop mine and want to share my finding in hopes t will do the same for others.  Before I started drinking the water I was flaring up all the time. For 10 years I was in a mara go-round of pain. When I got introduced to the water I did some research on it and seen a video of a girl that said she was able to go off her medication and had no symptoms of her Crohn's. I was always sick anyway so I decided to try the water and I dropped my medication the same day. Whats the worst that could happen I was thinking. I might get sick from being sick. Nothing to lose. I might get sick from being sick. Nothing to lose. But what I found was a miracle. A miracle that can be answered in science. Within 1 hour of drinking it I felt great. It has been almost a year now and I still feel great. I still have the scare tissues and the restriction in my bowels so I still need to watch my diet but I have had no inflammation due to Crohn's since my first glass of Kangen water. At first I thought to good to be true. Once I tried it I realized some things are true and good.