Fight4Life is a campaign to spreed aweness about IBD and bring people with IBD (Inflammitory Bowel Disease) healthy means like kangen water and thrive by le-vel to manage they're illness.  

Training at Tiger Maui Thai Camp in Phuket Thailand

Johan Froese

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Early last year I went a trip to Phuket Thailand to train at Tiger Maui Thai for 3 months. This was my first mission for a charity  I am starting to help bring awareness for Inflammatory Bowel disease. I have Crohn's disease and have had it for 10 years. The medications that i have been prescribed throughout the years have never kept me in remission. I always had to research and seek alternative ways to help me. I have been lucky in a sense that I always seemed to find something when i was really in need. Unlucky in the sense I was in need so much. These things i found that helped me where always natural and healthy products. to list a few, colostrum, Tumeric and prune juice. I decided to create a campaign to help spread this information to help other people so they might try. The worst part of the whole process was the time it took to find this information for me. Was thinking if i would of had this information and list of thing to try i would never of got so bad and ended up in the hospital so much. 

So all this put me on a mission. I was determined to create this campaign but I was really unsure on how to make the structure. I had this trip to Thailand in my mind so I could just go and start making things happen. Was really nervous about going on a trip by myself with a chronic disease. I finally built up the nerve and just went. Training was amazing but 1 month in I started getting sick again. But once again in time of need I found something new to try. I met a really good friend named Kasandra that changed my life forever. She introduced me to Kangen water. She tought me about this water machine and showed me a testimonial where a girl with Crohn's was able to go off her medication and stay healthy. I was down and out anyway so I figured, live or die, I am trying it. She had a machine at her place and she let me come over and fill my jugs every other day. After day 1 I already felt great. No pain and more energy then I knew what to do with. I trained hard for the next 2 months pain free and medication free. Before and after picture is on front page. However, this did not just give health, with the Enagic business plan this gave me a stable base to create my charity on. Its has been 1 year now and still feel great and I am still medication free.