Fight4Life is a campaign to spreed aweness about IBD and bring people with IBD (Inflammitory Bowel Disease) healthy means like kangen water and thrive by le-vel to manage they're illness.  

Fight4Life mission to spread ideas and health for Crohn's and Colitis

Johan Froese

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My goal is to spread awareness for IBD through training and fighting in Mma and fitness. Hoping will also be able to help raise money for the crohns and colitis foundation to help them find better treatments and maybe even a cure. Will also be raising money and donating kangen water machines to one at a time basis to help them manage there disorders like it helped me manage mine. Also, with my website, have a place where ppl with the disorders can go and converse with others dealing with the same thing. A place where we can feel less alone and talk about what we have tried and what we have found good or bad for our condition. I have found myself always studying and trying new things to help get me into remission or keeps me there. Sharing this information I believe can make the fight for health a little less strenuous by giving ideas. I was inspired for this by a awareness campaign called "no guts no glory" where a guy named Robert hill got people together with the disorder and climbed the seven summits. My feat is different but my goal is the same. If I can pass that inspiration on and help people be more then they though they could be would be amazing.