Fight4Life is a campaign to spreed aweness about IBD and bring people with IBD (Inflammitory Bowel Disease) healthy means like kangen water and thrive by le-vel to manage they're illness.  

Micro-clustered  water super-hydrates the body.
Water molecules are in clusters of15-20 molecules. Ionization breaks the molecular bonds of water molecules and restructures the water to about 5-6 molecules per cluster. The cells in a human body have a hole (aquaporin) in which they absorb water and discreet toxin molecules. Smaller clusters means better absorption into the  cells. This provides superior hydration and detoxification . When the molecules are separated by the electric charge some free hydrogen gets release which is a great source of energy for the human body. 
Our bodies are close to 70% water and our brains are close to 80%. This speaks for itself on the importance of good hydration. Water is very important for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients. Micro-clustered water penetrates and dissolves nutrients better so there is a more efficient absorption of nutrients into the body. Also, bodily waste disposal is more efficient and easier on the body. When the body is dehydrated it will absorb all the water it can from waste within the colon. This makes the waste dry and hard to exit. Dehydration can contribute to many illnesses and will make the body work harder then it should. Stay hydrated and stay healthy.
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